Old Hunstanton Parish Plan 2009

Old Hunstanton Neighbourhood Plan

Last year Old Hunstanton Parish Council decided that the village needed a new Neighbourhood Plan. We thought a good way of finding out what people liked and disliked about the village would be to be to ask those visiting the July Church flower festival & fete.


Overall, people liked Old Hunstanton as it is. They made comments such as quaint, out of the way, traditional, compact settlement, unspoilt, beautiful, lovely corner of Norfolk, very picturesque, faded glory, not over commercialised, old world charm, plenty of character, heaven on earth. They appreciated the slow way of life, the peacefulness, the friendliness and the village feel.

Residents in particular liked the facilities; the Church, Post Office, shops, cafés, hairdressers, pubs, park, playground, golf club, duckpond, footpaths, benches, toilets and buses.

Visitors in particular liked the beach and sea; the accessibility of the beach, super golden sand, dunes, beach huts, cliffs, café, lifeboat station, kite sports, and the fact that it was dog friendly and family friendly.

Other ‘likes’ included the community spirit in Old Hunstanton, the architecture, the countryside, the footpaths, the wildlife and the dark skies.

The main things that people disliked about Old Hunstanton were traffic, speeding and parking. Residents in particular were troubled by traffic problems.

Planning issues were a concern, especially to residents. There was a strong feeling that Old Hunstanton and New Hunstanton should remain separate and that any development should not be excessive, as the infrastructure would not be able to cope and traffic problems would be exacerbated. New building would need to be unobtrusive, reflect the architectural references of the area and use traditional building materials. Existing businesses and facilities needed to be maintained, but over commercialism avoided. New housing should be for young locals, rather than holiday homes. The area around the Church was considered to be of exceptional beauty and should not be developed.

As regards amenities, the dilapidated state of the Social Club building was disliked and there was a very strong feeling that the public conveniences should not be lost. Other dislikes included the number of holiday homes in the village, not enough public footpaths, lack of a zebra crossing by the Post Office and poor mobile phone reception.

All these comments will be fed into the Old Hunstanton Neighbourhood Plan. If you would like more information or would like to contribute to the development of the Plan, please contact Lynne Butters at